stacked cardboard - view from the sidestacked cardboard side view

All the Facts on Recycled Cardboard

EnviroTakeout’s selection of cup carriers are made from recycled cardboard and are a wonderful compostable eco-friendly option for any business.

Recycled cardboard is first collected and then taken to recycling facilities such as paper mills. Cardboard products are sorted into two categories: cardboard and boxboard. Boxboard is the thinner cardboard that you can find in products such as cereal boxes. Cardboard is the larger and thicker material that is used to package materials. Once cardboard materials have been shredded and turned into a pulp material, materials such as wood chips are added to the mix that help the product form. This pulp material is filtered to get rid of contaminants such as plastics and de-inked to remove dyes or ink. At the end of this process, the cardboard is put on a conveyer belt and is dried.

Recycling cardboard has many benefits including reducing the amount of wastes found in landfills and reducing the strain put on the environment by recycling materials instead of simply throwing them out.

EnviroTakeout has a wide variety of eco-friendly tableware, takeout containers, cups & carriers, and cutlery available to suit any need.