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How Bamboo Products are Made

Bamboo products are made from an annually renewable and sustainable resource, making them a great choice for businesses looking for eco-friendly options!

At the start of the bamboo manufacturing process, the part of the plant known as the sheath naturally falls off once the bamboo plant reaches a certain point of maturity. The sheath is the protective outer layer of the plant. If left, the sheath would simply go back to the Earth making this process completely eco-friendly! When the sheaths are collected, they are cleaned and boiled, then laminated to achieve the right thickness. They are then pressed and bonded into the right shape to create quality products!

This process is completed without the use of harmful bleaches, dyes, resins, or other chemicals!

Bamboo products can be thrown out with food waste and will biodegrade over time to continue the cycle of growth and regrowth! Since bamboo is a grass, it does not need to be replanted after each harvest and grows much faster than trees used to create paper products since trees can take as long as 30 years to mature.

How Bamboo Tableware is Made

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