Mocktail Mixology, a Hot Summer Trenda chilled red drink with slices of lime sits on a dark surface, a serrano pepper and star anise sit beside the glass

Mocktail Mixology, a Hot Summer Trend

The past few years have seen a rise in non-alcoholic cocktails, or “mocktails”. This is due to a variety of reasons: some people actively make a choice to not drink alcohol due to personal, religious, or health related reasons but would like to enjoy a festive drink. Alcohol is expensive in many areas, and lots of people have become more cost conscious. And some people just don’t like the taste or aren’t interested in finding out.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the rise in popularity of mocktails is that mixologists are pouring creative drinks without alcohol, but not as an alternative to alcoholic drinks. Mocktails can be delicious and fun in their own right; they don’t necessarily need to be created with a frame of reference to alcoholic beverages.

Popular Flavors

Some popular ingredients for mocktails are club soda, ginger beer, fresh lime and lemon juices, fruit purees such as strawberry, mango, or raspberry. Kombucha, a popular drink all on its own, is finding its way into some mocktail recipes. Ingredients like fresh mint, jalapeno pepper, and whole fruit slices can elevate a drink to the next level.

Top it Off

No mocktail (or cocktail!) is complete without a garnish. A citrus twist of any variety is a classic garnish that offers a pop of color to an old-fashioned glass. The garnish is a great way to visually highlight the flavors of your drink.

You can pierce a slice of lime and cucumber between whole mint leaves with a cocktail pick if you’re serving this refreshing cooler with these same fresh ingredients. A fresh strawberry and a lemon twist on a petite skewer go great with this sweet and tangy sparkling strawberry mocktail. Of course, if you’re serving the classic Shirley Temple, there is no going wrong with a maraschino cherry and a half slice of orange speared by a bamboo cocktail pick.

How We Can Help

EnviroTakeout is pleased to offer biodegradable, disposable cocktail picks customers can feel good about. Made from renewable resources like birch wood and bamboo, our cocktail picks are more environmentally friendly than plastic picks and don’t need to be washed by hand like metal or glass picks. The natural, unpretentious look of our picks lets the ingredients of your garnish be the part customers notice first. Adding a garnish elevates your mocktail to the next level, making it feel like a festive drink.

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