Plastic Straws in 2018

Plastic straws have long been a staple of any takeout beverage location, including big names like Starbucks! Recently there has been a push to ban plastic straws altogether, but it has also been found that replacements for straws such as strawless lids may use more plastic and be more harmful to the environment than the straws they are going to replace.

Having straws available at your foodservice location is a must to ensure that customers who cannot easily sip drinks are not inconvenienced. Small children or even adults may also wish to have straws available to prevent leaks or spills while sipping drinks, and also enjoy beverages on the go!

Paper StrawsPaper and PLA straws are a wonderful eco-friendly option. These straws still have a look and feel that is similar to plastic, but feature unique and stylish designs that are sure to impress. These straws are available in jumbo and giant unwrapped and paper wrapped styles.

Paper straws are made from paper materials and feature a strong design that can stand up to any milkshake, smoothie, float, or thick beverage. PLA straws are made from PLA or corn-based plastic and are BPI certified compostable in commercial composting facilities. They meet the ASTM D6400 for composting but cannot stand up to high temperatures. They should not exceed 113 degrees F.

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