What are Renewable Resources?

Renewable resources are those that are naturally replaced by the environment over time. The use of these resources puts less stress on the environment and creates quality, eco-friendly products that are sure to impress.

PLA products are made from polylactic acid which is made from corn starch, a renewable material that is also non-toxic and a great alternative to plastic products.

Our selection of molded fiber plates, bowls, and takeout containers are made from bagasse which is a material that is left over from sugarcane refining. During the refining process, sugarcane stalks are squeezed so the juice can be extracted. Bagasse is the fibrous pulp material left over from this process and is then used to make quality products. Bagasse (sugarcane) is another great example of a renewable resource as sugarcane stalks can be regrown and the refining process used to continue to create beautiful tableware.

Looking for another renewable cutlery option? PSM or plant starch cutlery is made from plant starch material resin which is produced from corn and potato starch. This cutlery is not biodegradable or compostable. Plants are a wonderful renewable resource and can contribute to the creation of quality products suited for any foodservice location.