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What Makes Our Products Eco-Friendly?

From sugarcane and palm to plant starch cutlery, EnviroTakeout has a variety of products available that are made from quality renewable resources. BPI certified compostable products are available to suit any foodservice establishment.

EnviroTakeout has so many wonderful eco-friendly options available, from palm leaf tableware to bamboo chopsticks and sugarcane takeout boxes. But what about plant starch cutlery, molded fiber plates and PLA lined products? Keep reading to find out what makes our selection of eco-friendly products so unique and functional.

Many of our sugarcane tableware and takeout containers are BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified compostable. This means that these products can be broken down into organic matter by microorganisms and bacteria and then used as a fertilizer, making these products completely eco-friendly and helpful to the environment.

Looking for another eco-friendly cutlery option? Use plant starch or PSM cutlery! They are made from 80% plant starch material resin which is produced from corn and potato starch which is a great example of a renewable resource. A renewable resource is one that grows back or replaces itself naturally so there is less harm done to the environment.

Molded fiber or bagasse/sugarcane tableware and hinged lid containers are made from bagasse. Bagasse is produced during the sugarcane refining process where sugarcane stalks are crushed in order to extract juice. Bagasse is the fibrous material that remains after the stalks have been crushed which is then pressed at high temperatures and molded to make tableware. Bagasse is another great renewable resource and produces quality products that are sure to impress.

Interested in becoming more environmentally friendly? Shop our eco-friendly products today.