Compostable Cutlery

Do your part for the environment with our 100% compostable cutlery. Perfect for eco-friendly takeout orders from any restaurant, café, diner or food truck!

Compostable Cutlery

Don't forget to put our compostable cutlery in your takeout orders!

EnviroTakeout's CPLA cutlery is designed to be eco-friendly and compostable without sacrificing durability. Our compostable cutlery is made from CPLA, which is often referred to as a bio-plastic. CPLA is a material that looks and feels like plastic but is created from corn starch based resin. Our CPLA cutlery is 100% petroleum-free and can be used to serve hot and cold food. The heavy weight design of our CPLA cutlery is an asset for any food service business, especially those offering takeout. Customers will thank you for providing them with a product that's so eco-friendly that even the wrapper can be composted!


What is ASTM?

We make a point to have our products tested to ensure they meet many standards. One of the organizations doing the testing is the American Society for Testing and Materials. Many of our products fall under two of their standards for bioplastic compostability: ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868.

What is PBAT?

Polybutylene adipate-co-terephthalate is a material that is 100% compostable even though it looks like a plastic film. We like to use PBAT film to wrap products like cutlery kits to ensure ..

What is CPLA?

CPLA is a modified version of PLA (polylactic acid) that is designed to withstand higher temperatures. PLA is a material that's eco-friendly, compostable and made from corn-based resin. PLA ends up looking a lot like plastic, and is a petroleum-free alternative to harmful plastic. Learn More