Cups & Carriers

Offer your customers the convenience they expect with our durable and reliable 2 and 4 cup carriers. Our carriers are made from recycled materials and can be composted after use making them the ultimate green option!

Cup Carriers

Provide convenience with our selection of cup carriers

Our 2 cup and 4 cup carriers are designed to hold cups up to 32 oz in size, and are strong and durable to ensure customers can easily carry large beverage orders. Cups fit snuggly in the holders to ensure customers won't face any leaks or spills on the go. EnviroTakeout's cup carriers are made from high quality recycled cardboard and are able to be composted at a commercial facility after use. Make sure your business is stocked up on cup carriers to help keep customers who make big orders coming back.

  • Material: recycled cardboard and paper
  • Sizes: 2 cup or 4 cup

Recycled Cardboard

Once cardboard has been sent for recycling it is shredded and turned into a pulp material. Then thicker materials such as wood chips are added to the mix to help the product take shape. This material is then filtered to remove contaminants like dyes, plastics and ink. This step helps ensure that the resulting product will be compostable. Learn More