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Made from compostable and recyclable materials, we have the hot cups, cold cups, straws, carriers and other beverage supplies you need to go green and impress your customers!

Cups and Cup Carriers

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Serve Beverages Hot and Cold the Eco Way With Our Cups & Carriers

Serve up hot and cold beverages with ease with EnviroTakeout's selection of cups and cup carriers. Our hot cups are made from SFI certified paperboard, and are BPI certified compostable - making them the best eco-friendly choice for hot drinks. Our clear cups are made from PLA and are 100% compostable. Organize big orders and send customers on their way with our durable cup carriers that are designed to make transporting large beverage orders a snap. Lids, straws, stirrers, we have even have eco-responsible options for your drink accessories. There's no more excuse to use foam - make the eco choice today!

Hot Cups

Serve customers hot and cold beverage orders with ease using EnviroTakeout's selection of hot cups and lids. There are two patterns available, classic white or a subtle and stylish pastel leaf design. Our hot cups are lined with PLA to ensure they can stand up to hot beverages. Our hot cups are BPI certified compostable and made from quality SFI paperboard so you know you're making the eco-friendly choice. Hot cups are also microwave and freezer safe. The matching fiber and CPLA hot cup lids are also compostable and perfect for keeping beverages piping hot and to prevent unfortunate leaks or spills. Durable and reliable, these products are a must-have for any takeout location.

  • Material: SFI Certified Paperboard
  • Sizes: 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz
  • Lids: Matching Fiber and CPLA lids sold separately

PLA Clear Cups

Give beverages a classic and elegant look with PLA clear cups. These quality cups are BPI certified compostable and are available in a variety of sizes to meet any need. Dome and flat lids are also available to prevent unfortunate leaks and spills during transport. Perfect for takeout orders, these products are made from only premium quality materials to ensure maximum durability. Clear in color, they allow for the easy identification of contents and provide an opportunity to show off your most colorful and delicious cold beverage creations.

  • Material: Compostable PLA
  • Sizes: 9 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz and 24 oz
  • Lids: Matching CPLA lids available in flat and dome styles sold separately

Cup Carriers

EnviroTakeout's selection of cup carriers are perfectly designed so that customers can carry large beverage orders with ease. Our cup carriers can hold cups up to 32 oz in size, and there are two styles available, one that is for 2 cups, and another for up to 4 cups. Cups fit snuggly in the holders to ensure customers won't face any leaks or spills on the go. Our cup carriers are made from quality recycled cardboard and paper and can be composted. Customers expect every café, takeout, convenience store, drive-thru, coffee shop and tea shop to have cup carriers for their convenience.

  • Material: made from recycled materials
  • Sizes: 2 cup or 4 cup


No cold beverage is complete without a straw! Available in paper or PLA, all of our straws are 100% compostable. These straws are designed to be a quality eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws. Paper straws feature a durable design that can stand up to any thick beverage. PLA straws are made from renewable corn-based plastic so they make a great option for customers who still want the look and feel of plastic straws. Use jumbo straws for standard drinks like iced tea and soda. Giant straws feature a wider design and are perfect for smoothies, milkshakes and other thick drinks. Our straws are available in paper wrapped and unwrapped options. Reduce plastic waste today with our high quality compostable straws!

  • Materials: Wood and Bamboo
  • Lengths: 5", 7" and 7.5"


Sometimes we use words and abbreviations that might need some further explanation. Below is a little glossary of terms and abbreviations you will come across in this collection of products:


The American Society for Testing and Materials are an organization that tests bioplastics such as PLA and CPLA for compostability standards when composted in municipal facilities. There are two ASTM standards that we have our products rated under, ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868

BPI Certified Compostable:

The Biodegradable Products Institute, often abbreviated to BPI, are an organization that puts products through rigorous testing to ensure they meet high standards for compostability.


CPLA and PLA are a material that goes by the technical name polylactic acid (PLA). This material is made from corn starch. PLA is Non toxic and petroleum-free. Since corn grows quickly PLA is a renewable resource. Regular PLA has a heat resistance of 122°F, while CPLA (often called modified PLA) is designed to handle hotter temperatures and can even be used with steaming hot beverages and meals. Learn More

Recycled Cardboard:

Once cardboard materials have been shredded and turned into a pulp material, materials such as wood chips are added to the mix that help the product form. This pulp material is filtered to get rid of contaminants such as plastics and de-inked to remove dyes or ink. Learn More

Renewable Resources

There are many harvested materials that the environment can naturally replace over time. We love to use these materials in our products because it results in less stress on the environment. Learn More

SFI Certified Paperboard:

he Sustainable Forestry Initiative is common referred to SFI. This group works hard to ensure the paperboard used for our products only comes from sustainably managed forests. They also ensure that the material is harvested using environmentally responsible methods, and guarantee that none of the materials used in our products come from illegal logging. Learn More