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No added PFAS products for your eco-friendly business.

Our new collection of Primeware no intentionally added PFAS molded fiber products are our most eco-friendly products yet! Since they are made from natural plant fibers they are 100% compostable, and with no added PFAS you can be confident that no extra traces of PFAS are being left behind in the environment after use. Whether you're looking for trays, plates, bowls or takeout containers we have the products you need for your restaurant, food truck, diner, café and food service business. Since there is no added PFAS in these products they can be used all across the US, even in states with PFAS bans like California, New York and Washington.

What is PFAS?

PFAS is an abbreviation that we're hearing about a lot these days. But what is it? If you want to get technical it stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl . This is a group of chemicals that are designed to provide a moisture and grease resistant barrier. PFAS can be found in most things; furniture, cookware, clothing and even construction materials. There are over 900 chemicals in this classification, but only a few that are used in takeout food packaging. While the ones used in to-go products are FDA approved and generally considered safe there are new studies coming out that even these "safe" PFAS remain in the environment long after the rest of the product has composted. In fact PFAS have been so widely used that traces of PFAS can be found in the soil, air, water and even our own bodies.

What does intentionally added mean?

Since PFAS is so widely found in most things it's next to impossible for something to be considered PFAS-Free. This is why we're using the term "intentionally added". According to regulating bodies these products must contain less than 100 parts per million of PFAS.

Where are PFAS banned?

Starting in January 2023 intentionally added PFAS has been banned in disposable takeout products in California, Washington and New York. There are several more states that are in the process of bringing in regulations of their own, and there's even a bill before congress to have a national ban on intentionally added PFAS.

Will these products hold up as well as the PFAS version?

The new PFAS bans have been on the way for a long time, with several studies starting to show the harmful long-lasting effects of PFAS. Luckily that has given manufacturers time to develop and test natural alternatives to PFAS that are designed to hold up with just as much strength and durability to even the greasiest of foods. You won't be disappointed by our new molded fiber products that have no intentionally added PFAS!