Picks and Skewers

EnviroTakeout has a stylish selection of picks and skewers available to enhance the look of any dish. Our selection of picks and skewers are made from eco-friendly bamboo and wood materials and are disposable for maximum convenience. Thick, regular, and wood skewers with chamfer edges are ideal for skewering candy apples, corn-on-the-cob, shish kabobs, and more. Round and flat style bamboo skewers are also available to roast marshmallows and enhance the look of twisted potatoes and other fun dishes. Use bamboo knot, display, and paddle picks to add some elegance to beverages and food items. Bamboo knot picks have a knotted end and can be used to skewer olives for beverages. Display picks can double as a cardholder and paddle picks feature a paddle style end that is perfect for adding some style to finger foods. Add some style and flair to table settings with EnviroTakeout's selection of products.