Plant Based Cutlery

EnviroTakeout's selection of plant based cutlery has a durable design which allows it to stand up to any meal. Plant based cutlery is made from part plant starch and part polypropylene to help reduce plastic waste!

Plant Based Cutlery

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Our durable plant based cutlery will be your new eco-favorite!

Plant based cutlery is durable enough to hold up against even the heaviest foods. Our plant based cutlery is designed to cut down on plastic content in disposable cutlery by replace it with a portion of plant starches (primarily corn and potato starch). The plant starch collection is made from 80% plant starch and 20% polypropylene, while the heavy weight wheat cutlery is 40% plant starch and 60% polypropylene. The unique colors and strength of our plant cutlery is sure to impress your customers!

  • Gluten Free
  • Materials: plant starch and polypropylene blend
  • Styles: Forks, spoons and knives


You may come across some terms in this collection of plant based cutlery that need a bit more explanation

What is PSM

PSM is the most popular abbreviation for plant starch cutlery. Many disposables are created by mixing plant starch with the plastic to reduce plastic waste. The most popular starches used for this are potato starch and corn starch.

What are renewable resources?

When the environment can naturally replace materials that are harvested over time they are considered to be renewable resources. Learn More