20 oz. Vented Lid
White Dinner Napkins
Navy Blue Beverage Napkins
White Beverage Napkins
PET Lid for 10
PET Lid for 8
7 x 9
6 Compartment Tray
Yellow Beverage Napkins
Black Dinner Napkins
Red Dinner Napkins
Red Beverage Napkins
Dark Green Dinner Napkins
Purple Dinner Napkins
Out of Stock
Teal Dinner Napkins
1 Ply White 13
1 Ply White 11.2
1 Ply White 15
1 Ply White 16.5
Out of Stock
Red Gingham Beverage Napkins
Kelly Green Beverage Napkins
Chocolate Brown Beverage Napkins
Out of Stock
1 Ply Kraft 10'' x 10'' Beverage Napkins
Orange Beverage Napkins
Purple Beverage Napkins
1 Ply White 9
3 Ply White 16.5
2 Ply White 16.5
1 Ply White 15
2-Ply White 15
Black Beverage Napkins
12 oz. PET Lids for Bowls with Rim


EnviroTakeout has a wide variety of tableware products available to suit any meal. Bowls, tubs, fiber plates, and compartment trays are available to serve up hot and cold food items, and lids are available to keep food items fresh and prevent unfortunate leaks and spills. All of our tableware are made from premium quality materials and are designed with style and functionality in mind. Durable and reliable, these products are guaranteed to bring some flair to any takeout location.