Wood Cutlery

Use EnviroTakeout's selection of wood cutlery to meet any dining need. Made from quality wood materials, these products are eco-friendly and feature stylish designs that are sure to impress. Use wooden skewers to skewer kabobs, candy apples, corn-on-the-cob and more. Thick wood skewers and skewers with chamfer edge styles are available to add some extra durability to traditional skewers. Heavyweight wooden cutlery is perfectly designed to prevent cracking, breaking, and splintering and can be used at catering events, restaurants, or coffee shops. Wooden spoons are the perfect way to enjoy delicious ice cream, and two prong wood forks are perfectly designed for use with orders of french fries and onion rings. Don't settle for mediocre cutlery, use EnviroTakeout's wood cutlery selection to make any event or meal a success.