7" Bamboo Coffee Stirrers

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  • Material Bamboo
  • Length 7"
  • Width: 3/16"
  • Thickness: 1/16"
  • Other Sizes: 5.5" (CP8125874)
  • Designed for Hot and Cold Beverages
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recommended Uses Stirring milk, sugar, or cream into coffee or tea
    Stirring sugar into iced tea


These 7" Bamboo Coffee Stirrers are made from natural bamboo and can be used with both hot and cold beverages. Durable, they offer resistance to expansion and contraction and do not become splintered during use to ensure user safety. These stirrers are ideal for stirring milk, sugar, or cream into coffee or tea and are eco-friendly. Bamboo products are made from the part of the plant called the sheath. The sheath is the protective outer layer of the bamboo's culm that grows in young plants. When the plant has matured, the sheath falls off and is collected, cleaned, and boiled. Once the sheath has been laminated it is then pressed and bonded into the desired shape. This process is completely eco-friendly and does not involve the use of chemicals or toxins. Featuring a sleek design, these stirrers are a wonderful eco-friendly option.



Case Weight7.61 LBS.
Case Dimensions11.1" x 7.7" x 6.3 "
Pallet Ti/Hi20 x 8