Wrapped Heavy CPLA Meal Kits-Fork-Spoon-Knife-S&P-Napkin

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  • Compostable
  • Petroleum-Free
  • Made from corn-based CPLA
  • Includes Fork, Spoon, Knife, Salt & Pepper Packet and 13" x 13" 1 Ply Kraft Napkin
  • Color: White
  • Good with Hot and Cold Foods
  • Heat Resistance of 194˚F
  • Made from Renewable Resources
  • Meets ASTM D6400 and/or D6868 for Compostability
  • FDA Approved for Food Contact


These Wrapped Heavy CPLA Kits contain a CPLA fork, spoon, and knife, a salt and pepper packet, and a 13" x 13" compostable kraft 1 ply napkin. They are made from renewable CPLA or modified corn-based plastic materials. CPLA may also be referred to as crystallized PLA and offers more heat resistance than PLA. Designed for high heat applications, they can withstand temperatures up to 194˚F. These kits meet ASTM D6400 and/or D6868 for compostability and will break down within 60 days in an industrial composting facility. To ensure the whole package is completely eco-friendly, the kraft napkins, salt and pepper packets, and PBAT film used to wrap kits are also compostable. Wrapped cutlery kits are a great way to give customers everything they need to enjoy meals on-the-go in a sanitary, eco-friendly package.


Our compostable cutlery kit is perfect for any eco-friendly restaurant, café, diner or food-truck offering meals to go.

Case Details

Case Weight13.07 LBS.
Case Dimensions15.75" x 7.87" x 13.39"
Pallet Ti/Hi15 x 5